Event Sponsorship Request
Thank you for your interest in having REEFS RC sponsor your event. We are proud to support many charitable groups and community events.

Through this program we offer product support for events that meet our criteria. Because we receive so many requests from the community we need to have all completed applications submitted a minimum of three months (90 days) prior to your event. Please see list for other rules and requirements.

Sponsorship Requirements
1.The sponsorship application must include a copy of event flyer and/or entry form (Emailed to: [email protected]) after completing the info below. In addition, we strongly suggest including press clippings, marketing collateral and photos from prior events.
2.Any proceeds generated from the event/program are used to improve the racing,rock crawling, or scale trail running in that community.
3.REEFS RC logo(s) will be used on all material promoting the event. This includes, but is not limited to, newspaper advertising, broadcast spots, PSA’s, billboards, banners, signage, websites, entry forms/flyers, premiums, t-shirts and tickets.
4.REEFS RC is not liable for fulfillment of promises of logo placement in sponsorship space made by organization to other sponsorships of the event.

If your event is sponsored, you will receive proper logo(s) and banner(s).
5.By submitting a sponsorship application, you will be agreeing to the above requirements and terms..
Note: Submission of a sponsorship application does not guarantee sponsorship. Sponsorship requests generally are answered within 30 days of receipt.
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