Some of REEF'S RC TEAM: These individuals are a huge part and backbone to the REEF'S RC PRODUCTS line. We are humbled and honored to have each and everyone of them.

  1. Jade Warburton (UT)
    @timp_rc on instagram. I live in Utah and have been into RC crawling/scaling for about two year now. I enjoy customizing the aesthetic side of my RCs, as well as using the best performance parts out there. I am married and have beautiful twin daughters.
  2. Martin LaRouche (CA)
    I am 54 years old been married to my amazing wife for almost 35years. Father  of 3 amazing Sons with 3 adorable grandchildren’s. Been into RC car for over 30 years. Love doing the sport with my sons now.
  3. Brett Carson (CA)
    I’ve been in the rc world since the early 2000’s, started with a nitro stadium truck. Got into crawling about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I'm Honored to be apart of an amazing company. 
  4. Adam Johnson (IN)
    Been into rc since I was 9 or 10. Spent a few years racing nitro in the monster truck and 8th scale buggy and truggy. 7yrs ago I got into the scale scene. Been working hard to build some killer scale. I've been lucky to be able to represent some great companies. I'm lucky to be on the team here at Reefs RC and love the team that we have and the products are great and can’t wait to see where they go
  5. Aaron Bailey (ME)
    aka @miserygore IG Miserygore’s Hobby Life on FB. Father of three, first rc, Tamiya Hornet in 1984. Took a break for 25 years got back few years ago when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I created the pages Rc_4_a_cure to spread cancer awareness rc's.  Recently this hobby reminded me how much stress can be relieved.  Done a few builds and am working on my next.  Happy to be on the team!  
  6. William "Bill" Riddle (VA)
    First year team driver. I love designing, building from scratch and wrenching...give me an RC problem and I will find a solution.  I love wheeling with my local crew in Fredericksburg VA and finding that unthinkable line then conquering it.
  7. Michael Klipp (NY)
    Involved w/ R/C crawlers for 3 years now. I am a combat veteran of the US Army Infantry with 6 years time in service of this great nation. For me, R/C Scale Crawling is a way of life and a form of therapy for my Anxiety and PTSD. I surround myself w/ people also willing to make the hobby greater than it already has become.
  8. Dennis Carver (MO)
    Known as Sarge. Founding member of No Coast Scalers in Mo. creator of Wheel Team 6 event. We host events around our local area monthly, also with our LHS. Focus supporting local clubs and groups, and improve the hobby and get more people involved. Been into RC most of my life, but the hobby grade scaler set my RC world on fire!! Honored to be a part.
  9. Chris Chesrown (CO)
    Born and raised in Colorado. Husband and father. Been in crawling & scaling 2 years, love the possibilities of building. Started Rock Shocker Customs to help repair, build and customize Rigs. I can’t wait to push myself as a driver and builder as part of Team Reefs RC.
  10. Jon Sullivan (PA)
    Scale Crawler from eastern PA. Been into RC since the early 90’s. Absolutely love this hobby, but love the people I’ve met and friends I’ve made even more! Also build scale trailers, shops, and scale cabinets for them. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!
  11. Mario Zamudio (CA)
    I live in Oakland CA, I've been into Rc crawling little over a year and half. Stumbled across it via YouTube and I can tell you I'll be doing this for the rest of my life.
  12. Ryan Tousley (CO)
    First Recon G6 2014 Buena Vista CO. I fell in love with a different side of the RC life, "Doing Work". I compete in 10 Recon G6's including Motorama, The Fix & Birthday Bash every year. I make my own link kits for 1.9 wraith and scx10 trucks. OCDRC links: Recon G6 Certified.
  13. Tony Roldan (MA)
    Tony Aka "THE FLYINGHAWAIIN" lives in chicopee ma.  Been in the hobby for 24 plus years.
  14. Stephen Richardson (CA)
    Been crawling for 7 years and founded the club Renegade Rock Runners. In starting that club i have met some amazing new friends and crawl addicts like me. It’s a honor to be amongst some of the hobby’s elite on an amazing team!! See you on the trails!!
  15. Dave Miller (WI)
    I am Photographer and driver of tiny trucks and love being out with friends hitting the trails or the comps. I’m competitive by nature but the fun of crawling is what keeps me inspired. If you see me out on the trails, make sure to say hi unless I say it to you first!! 
  16. Broc LaRouche (CA)
    TEAM CAPTAIN: Have been in RC since I was a 3. I have been into several sub sections of RC in the past. I got into scaling about 5 years ago. I’m honored to be apart of this team with an amazing group of guys.
  17. Kenny Ward (CA)
    Started in the hobby in 2016 and was instantly hooked. This hobby is amazing in so many ways, you meet amazing people and travel to places you would never even think to go. I am a proud member of this team and am beyond thankful for reef and his amazing product! 
  18. Jeff Ramos (CA)
    I have been in the hobby off and on since I was 11. The last five years I have made it a large part of my life. I run everything from 1/5 scale to 1/12 scale. Trail runs along the California cost with a great group of RC enthusiasts, what more could I ask for.
  19. Mike Dimick (NH)
    40, married w/ kids. Live in New Hampshire  I've been in the hobby for about 5 years.  Started out with a drifter, bought a crawler shortly after and haven't looked back. Owner at Mad Mike's scale accessories 
  20. Jeff Garcia (CA)
    Jeff "snicklefritz" So Cal.  Been into RC crawling since 2011.  I mostly split my time between local gtgs & trail building, U4RC racing, painting bodies, and trying to come up with new and creative builds to keep things exciting.  I've met some great people in this hobby and I'm looking forward to some great times in 2018!  
  21. James Klobetanz (CA)
    I'm 31 years old, been into rc since the 2000's. Started with short course, then drifters, then I found rock crawlers and haven't looked back. I am into super scale trucks, the more realistic the better.
  22. Mike George (PA)
    “Munster” @MunsterRC #FamilyFirst doing my thing on a budget, Philadelphia Pa #RCEC, got 2 kids my son has #Autism so I’m a strong advocate for #ASD by combining it with my passion for RC.“Go-Fast to Crawl I do it all” I post what I like & I use what I post. #TeamDriverByChoice #JustBeYou don’t be a sell out, or sell yourself short, use it all and try new things but always #ShopSmallBusiness
  23. Byron Clinton (CA)
    I have been crawling for about a couple of years now. I have attended various events such as Axialfest, and the ASD Crawls. My RC hobby is a great way to have an outlet for fun and to meet lots of great people. I have really enjoyed meeting new people and creating new friendships over the short amount of time that I have been crawling. I also enjoy having a little fun racing my Tekno SL buggy and my Losi SCT at our local race track in Santa Rosa.
  24. Nathan Rooney (UT)
    Got my first rc in 1987, a Tamiya Hornet. Been dabbling in rc ever since. Raced short course for a couple years, then got the crawler bug in 2015. I love to fab my own chassis and bumpers. Excited to be apart of this team.
  25. Ashley Wheelwright (UT)
    I've been in the RC world since 1983 yup I'm old, I started with the OG scale truck the Tamiya Bruiser and a tamiya mountaineer. This hobby keeps me young and I enjoy meeting new people in the rc world. I'm a RC4WD team driver, Castle team driver, hikinōcustomrcs team driver and a G Crew member. I travel alot and enjoy building course and participating. Last but not least I'm a proud Reefsrc team driver.
  26. Josh Burgess (VA)
    Found this killer hobby back in Oct 2017 and dove in head first. As of now I’m strickly a crawler and have traveled to multiple events/comps in such a short time and have truely fell in love with RC’ing. Getting out with friends and wheeling is what keeps me sane!!
  27. Luke Claxton (CA)
    I have been in the rc industry for several years. I love racing motorcycles on my free time. I love the challenge of building a new rig, getting the color scheme, and watching it perform on the rocks.
  28. Cody Thompson (CA)
    I bought my first rc car almost 2 years ago "traxxas slash" an was hooked after my first run. Since then ive opened up two tracks on my property "CTRC". Although crawling is not my think I love everything rc related but nothing beats the smell an adrenaline rush I get from racing my nitro buggy an truggy
  29. Daniel Kiesling (IL)
    I've been into RC for a little over two years, started crawling a year ago. Glad to be part of such an amazing hobby and an amazing group of people.
  30. Jon Holt (MO)
    Been in RC's since the 80's, in 2012, I saw a video on the Axial Wraith. I was hooked back in. Over the next few years, I moved more towards the scaler side. More realistic the better, bordering on OCD with my builds. The build is my favorite part. I'm either running w/ local KCRC guys, or traveling the unknown.
  31. Jeremy Kilburn (MD)
  32. Todd Claire (MO)
    Been into rc for 30yrs, into the crawler/scaler scene since 2013. Have been involved in multiple large events both organizing and attending. Love the friendships I have gained while being in the hobby. My son is finally getting old enough to start joining us on trailruns and he loves the hobby as well.
  33. Chris Dowty (IN)
    Been into rc since the late 90’s. Starting crawling 2014 and have been hooked to the scale/crawler scene since. After seeing how the specifications were clear, simple to understand, of quality design, and produced by a crawler enthusiast. I put a triple 5 in krustybrown. Turns earth now!
  34. Misty Johnson (OK)
  35. Josh Rogers (OH)
  36. Matt & Tiffany Wolfe (NV)
  37. Philip Basey (OR)