Get Smart

with our new 900 and 1100 Smart servos. They come standard set up as standard servos but can be programmed for winch duty using the optional USB programmer. The winch controller is already inside of the servos so they are plug and play using an aux channel to control them. Get yours today.

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Beast Mode Engaged.

Our new Beast 1000 and 2000 servo winches are the ultimate accessory for your SCX6 or other large scale vehicle.

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I started this business to help out my fellow RC friends that wanted to keep up with the big spenders and the big name servos. I had the means to make this happen, so I did.  I made a few servos for my friends to try and have fun with...then boom...the word spread, and REEF'S RC came to be.  I stay down to earth, and care about this hobby and the people behind it.