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Meet the new RAW 400LP

A low profile servo taken to the next level, the RAW 40LP not only provides 460 in oz at 8.4 volts, but also a fast transit speed of only .065 seconds! Axial UTB18 Capra’s perfect match. So many uses for this compact and powerful low pro servo. Great for racing applications as well.

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New RAW100 Minis Now Available!

A mini servo with maximum performace, the new RAW100 Mini's have 103oz of torque at 8.4v, and use a full size 25t spine servo horn.

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I started this business to help out my fellow RC friends that wanted to keep up with the big spenders and the big name servos. I had the means to make this happen, so I did.  I made a few servos for my friends to try and have fun with...then boom...the word spread, and REEF'S RC came to be.  I stay down to earth, and care about this hobby and the people behind it.